Childcare Website & Mobile App

$680 + GST setup fee
$300 + GST annual fee

For the ultimate communication system, your childcare centre needs both a website and the Skoolbag Mobile App! This will allow you to send messages instantly to parents, using FREE push notifications to their smartphones. Push notifications are like SMS but they are free!

Skoolbag is a fantastic tool to keep parents up to date at any time.

You are able to update information easily by using the Admin Console. You can add alerts, reminders, news items, newsletters, events, Facebook, Twitter, RSS feeds. You can send instant FREE push notifications to parents. Plus you can Password Protect some of the categories so that you can publish information that only your parent community can see.

It is free for parents to use.

Take a look at our demonstration website called Little Valley

Parent Login
Both the website and the app allows you to have a confidential Parent Login area that is not available to the public. It is restricted to parents through a Single Login which means all parents will use the same Username and Password. You will be able to change this Username and Password at any time, for example once a term, once a month, once a year.

Custom Childcare Website Design + Mobile App
Another option is a custom child care website design. We use your logo and colours in the website design, plus we discuss any particular needs you have in terms of colours or styles for your website design. This includes the Skoolbag Mobile App and all the features outlined above.

$1680 + GST setup fee
$600 + GST annual fee